Who We Are

We work with forward thinking leaders and organisations to help them achieve their goals and Sparkle!

We believe that the world of work is changing and its changing for the better. The organisations of today and tomorrow are the ones who recognise that when we build amazing cultures founded on a rock solid platform of trust, magical things can happen. Its time for HR to evolve and for leaders to try something different.

About Us

We are based up on the beautiful East Durham coast in the UK and work with clients locally, nationally and globally. Sparkle is ran by Rebecca and Ross Armstrong who together bring a wealth of experience in Leadership, People, Team Development, Psychology, Change Management and Coaching. With an extensive combined track record there is very little we haven’t seen, there are few leadership mistakes we haven’t made and we know what makes organisations thrive in todays world. Our expertise is built on lived experience, hands on experience backed up with recognised industry leading qualifications.

Our Team

To support us in delivering our work, we have a team of amazing associates. We only work with people who are the best in their field and who align to our passion and approach.

Our Values

– We are Inclusive
– We are Brave
– We are Passionate

We pride ourselves in working with organisations who want to create great places to work in which people can sparkle and therefore deliver amazing results. We believe that people are the heart of all organisations.

Contact Us

Let’s Talk.

Do you want to free yourself of overwhelm? Live a more purposeful life? Take control of your emotions? Make changes? Have more resilience? Embrace creativity?

Do you want your managers to sparkle? To create a culture in which people can thrive? To ensure your employees feel included and build loyalty?

Then let’s talk. I work with you to get exactly what you need, we can design the approach together to ensure it fully fits your needs.

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