Video Blog: Why you should stop giving feedback!

Last week saw us speaking at the annual Society for Practising Veterinary Surgeons (SPVS) Congress in Birmingham. Our talk was all about ‘Thriving in Practice’ and how we can break down barriers to communication by focusing on building better relationships.

We look at Health and Wellbeing within work and how this impacts individuals, especially their mental health. Furthermore we bring into focus how individuals health and wellbeing ultimately influences the culture and performance of an organisation. A huge topic but we shared 5 takeaways in the talk and we are featuring each of these on our blog over the next few weeks.

Today we are starting with a controversial one, but one that really does make a difference and often frees up leaders and managers from beating themselves up, creating space for connection and change. It is time we STOP giving feedback…. find out why on our video blog below:

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